What ?

Soul Clinics are a new part of our journey at CWBC. They are evenings when we focus on encountering the Spirit. They arose from talking and praying about our life together and asking whether we feed both head and heart. We felt that there was more we could do to nurture the heart of our faith, to encounter and experience God, hence the Soul Clinic.

What to expect.

We don't know yet! We will be led in worship and see where God takes us, with an emphasis on meeting with God and listening to the Holy Spirit. Come with an open heart and expect to meet with God.

Who are the Soul Clinics for?

You? They are open to anyone who is seeking to meet with God, Where ever you may be in your faith journey, however you may understand God interacts with us, the Soul Clinic is a time to explore and encounter. If you are part of a Sunday morning congregation, this may provide an additional insight into God. If the Sunday thing isn't for you, this may be a way to explore God without having to get up on a Sunday morning!

Soul Clinic

Every quarter, refresh and renew your soul.

Try it, you never know what might happen....